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When summer hits in North Carolina, you need a good air conditioning unit. Sometimes a A/C unit just needs a service call, maintenance or minor repair work. Raleigh-Durham Heating and Air Conditioning has a highly qualified staff for air conditioner service and repairs. 

We are a family-owned company - we have been providing residential customers with A/C installations, maintenance and repairs since 1995. We are here to help you stay comfortable in the middle of our hot North Carolina summers with high-quality HVAC services.

Air Conditioning Services - Hope Valley NC:
- New AC Installations 
- Air Conditioning Service-Maintenance 
- Broken AC Repairs 
- Refurbished - Used AC Units 

Refurbished - Used Air Conditioners - Hope Valley
If you are on a tight budget OR you own rental houses - we sell used-refurbished air conditioner units. We do all the repair-refurbishing work in our workshops and we stand behind our used  AC units. When we deliver a rebuilt-refurbished AC unit you will think it's brand new!

Ask about our ​Used - Refurbished - Rebuilt  Air Conditioning Units

Central AC units need regular maintenance.  The outside A/C unit needs to be cleaned and the intake vents inside need to be cleaned as well.  Dirt, dust and rust are constant foes of a functioning air conditioner system - a clean and maintained HVAC system will give you 2-4 additional years on the lifespan of the unit - ultimately, that reduces the cost of your air conditioner and/or heater unit.

Please contact us or call:  919-644-3232  for all your Air Conditioning (HVAC) needs.
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Air Conditioning Repairs - Hope Valley NC
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AC Repair & Installation in Durham County, NC
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